The MEDIATOR System is a powerful platform for the acquisition and conversion of telecommunications data (associated information).



The MEDIATOR System is a powerful platform for the acquisition and conversion of telecommunications data (associated information).


The acquisition and conversion of telecomunications data. 

It allows the efficient supply of:

  • subscriber systems,
  • billing systems,
  • telecommunications network analysis systems,
  • data retention systems,
  • systems designed to support Authorised Institutions.

Properyties of the solution:

System performance

  • The key components of the MEDIATOR System are the processes running on stable Linux / Unix systems. For their implementation, efficient programming languages and optimised libraries were used.
  • MEDIATOR consists of parameterised, high-performance applications that interact with each other in a pipelined model.
  • MEDIATOR provides a high processing efficiency rate (depending on the data format and hardware platform) from 200,000 to more than 2,000,000 converted and loaded records per minute, with limited hardware requirements.
  • The basic configuration of the system and hardware of MEDIATOR has very low implementation costs and maintenance, and provides performance sufficient for many years of operation, taking into account the typical increase in the volume of telecommunications services provided.

Supported data formats

MEDIATOR supports multiple formats of input records, including:

  • text,
  • binary,
  • ASN.1.

Its modular and scalable architecture enables rapid expansion with new types of records and the support of any relational databases in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

Supported data repositories

MEDIATOR works with multiple database engines, including:

  • Oracle,
  • MS SQL Server,
  • MySQL,
  • other databases supporting the ODBC format.

In the process of supplying data, it can make use of drivers from the database producers enabling direct access to the repositories, or it can generate flat files in such formats as ASCII, CSV, etc.


Security od data:

MEDIATOR’s design ensures data consistency. In cases of emergency, e.g. a power outage, the System is restarted with no loss of data.

The data consistency recovery process is automatic and does not require any extra steps from the user, except for the removal of the cause of failure.

In addition to the high fault tolerance, MEDIATOR has advanced mechanisms for controlling imported data validation checks, including:

  • duplicates control ensures that data supplied is not doubles,
  • a filtration mechanism consisting in rejecting erroneous, incomplete or irrelevant records,
  • a dictionary complete feature – consisting of autocompleting records with information required in the Systems supplied by the MEDIATOR platform..

The stability of operations

  • MEDIATOR is a platform created to operate under a high load, ensuring reliable operations 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with a minimum of supervision required. The System architecture is based on HA clusters operating in a fail-over mode.
  • MEDIATOR has confirmed its reliability, having functioned for over eight years as a platform for acquiring telecommunications data at one of the leading GSM operators in Poland.

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