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   The ISTSI company has taken on the challenge associated with implementing the latest technology, where artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in shaping the future of national security. We believe that developing security-related projects using AI opens new horizons and possibilities. Pursuing a secure future is our mission, and leveraging this powerful technological tool will revolutionize our company.

• Big Data

AI allows delving into the ocean of information by analyzing vast amounts of data to search for threats. This enables the quick identification and approach to them with appropriate security measures.

• Protection against Cyber Threats

AI stands guard over cybersecurity. Machine learning algorithms can recognize subtle signals of attacks, protecting key systems from cybercrime and espionage.

• Threat Analysis

AI not only reacts to current threats but also helps predict potential incidents. Through the analysis of historical data, artificial intelligence-based systems can anticipate possible threats and apply appropriate safeguards.

• International Collaboration

AI promotes international collaboration in the field of security. The exchange of information using AI is key to understanding global challenges and effectively coordinating actions.

This is just the beginning of the endless possibilities that the integration of artificial intelligence brings to the field of national security.

   AI-based systems can protect the country’s critical infrastructure, such as the telecommunications network. Artificial intelligence enables the rapid detection and repulsion of attacks on these strategic areas.By implementing artificial intelligence into our projects, we will focus on increasing efficiency, response speed, and precision in identification and countering threats. We are ready for the dynamic challenges that the modern world brings.

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