Our Mission


IntraSoft-TSI is a Polish company, operating on the hightech market related to telecommunications and IT since 1997. We are engaged in the construction and delivery of IT Systems performing tasks in the telecommunications for the needs of Authorised Institutions.


We specialise in the following systems for:

  • data retention,
  • correspondence control,
  • the safe circulation of electronic documents,
  • very large databases (VLDB).

We have extensive experience in the construction and administration of Systems linking Telecommunication Operators and Authorised Institutions. Our Systems working at Operators support the activities of Authorised Institutions for fast and reliable access to data, enabling the performance of obligations for the defence sector, state security and public order. Intrasoft-TSI is certified for industrial safety (TOP SECRET, NATO SECRET, SECRET UE). We provide solutions at the appropriate level of security in terms of confidentiality and integrity of data processed.

We focus on building Systems of high availability and reliability. In our products we make use of stable and reliable technologies supplied by the world heavyweights in the field of IT, such as: Oracle, Microsoft, Dell and Cisco. For our solutions, we provide the highest quality support services to ensure the continuity of their operations.

Technical support on the implementation of projects:

IntraSoft-TSI has wide technical knowledge gained while implementing more than one hundred projects, many of which take into account the specificities of Telecommunications Operators.
Our specialists have extensive experience, particularly in servicing projects for Authorised Institutions, supported by our longterm activity in this area.

We have developed Systems supporting the services of Authorised Institutions, whose functionality and reliability significantly facilitates Telecom Operators in meeting their obligations under the Telecommunications Act.

For 12 years, our analysts have been taking a leading role in defining tasks and managing projects for the Communication Systems Security Team and for the Security Division of a leading Polish Telecom Operator.
Our specialists substantively assist the technical departments of Telecom Operators with the specification of requirements for platforms providing new telecommunications services.

Maintenace of the system's operation:

IntraSoft-TSI has a team of professionals who have been dealing with the expert support of our Clients’ technical staff and of Authorised Institutions’ operating Systems for many years.

The offer for the operating maintenance of the Systems of our Clients includes two types of services.

Administrative support:

Administrative support activities consist in technical assistance to the Customer’s technical employees (Administrators, Operators) in the daily maintenance of production platforms of our products, and the monitoring of related Systems.

The service offer includes relocating our experts to work in the technical facilities at the Customer’s premises, and covers:

  • monitoring the operation of Systems and equipment,
  • backup,
  • advice for users of the System,
  • the execution of tasks defined in administrative procedures,
  • the management of users and authorisations,
  • monitoring third party services,
  • expert help for the Administrators and Operators of production Systems.

When implementing projects, we offer:

  • customised solutions to specific Customer needs,
  • substantive assistance with accrediting the Systems to process classified information,
  • consultation on security, modernisation and the integration of existing systems,
  • consultation on the design, architecture and development of Systems to support the Authorised Institutions,
  • training in Intrasoft-TSI products,
  • safety audits,
  • consultation on optimising the IT infrastructure costs.

Emergency support:

At the Customer’s request, in addition to the standard warranty, we offer an extended support programme of professional support for production platforms:

  • fast and efficient repair of hardware and software updates in the event of problems,
  • site service is provided seven days a week, 24 hours a day,
  • assistance in repairing and identifying the source of problems at the Customer’s premises

As part of the emergency support, we offer to establish individual levels of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Emergency support is carried out by a permanent and professional service team located in Poland, whose availability, response time and time to remove the causes of failure is dependent on the Customer’s requirements.

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